Image Show GK4 - gk_bluap style

In the Image Show GK4 gk_bluap style there are two new important features:

  • Extended slide text
  • Extended slide URL settings

Extended slide text

If you need to add additional text under the button, please use the following syntax:

__Text with underline__

Then this text will be separated from the main slide text and will be placed under the link button as an underlined text. We recommend to place this part of text at the end.

Extended slide URL settings

Using the URL field in the slide settings, you can specify the button used in the slide. You can specify your own button text and your own icon using the following syntax:



  • ICON_NAME - it is an icon name from Font Awesome i.e. mobile-phone
  • YOUR_TEXT - it is your text which will be placed in the button
  • URL - it is a button URL.

Thanks to these possibilites you can create a more unique slides for your websites based on the Bluap template.